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I'm Josh - the extroverted, 6ft5 tall, cracks-a-joke-whenever-possible, South African weirdo who'll be spending the vast majority of your wedding day with you! My goal for your wedding? First, is to become your best friend and make sure your day is incredible. Second, is to capture your story in a way that shows off your love as it is today, but also as it will be tomorrow. 


How do we book?

To book with me, send me a message below and we'll begin the process! Make sure to include when your date is and check out my package options.

Do you charge for travel?

I am based in Cedar Falls, IA, but will gladly travel anywhere! I charge travel for any weddings further than 50 miles. For weddings further than 2.5 hour drive I also require overnight lodging expenses!

How do you choose the music?

This is a long part of the editing process, but throughout the day I'll be listening closely to the music that gets played, and what resonates with you. I'll often contact the dj for song requests that you gave them as well to help choose genres etc. Unfortunately I can't use popular music.

How long does it take to edit?

Times vary on editing, but typically I'll be finished with the films in about 8-10 weeks! If you have specific questions about the editing process I'd be happy to answer anything!

Do you work well with other vendors?

Absolutely! I have to work alongside other vendors to be successful, specifically the photographer and dj, so will always do what I can to make collaborating with them as easy as possible!

How do we pay?

I do all my payments online, so you'll get an invoice you can pay online using a credit/debit card. The invoice comes from my main business, Winding Media, which you can see more about here. All prices already have sales tax built in.

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