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The Nelsons - why you should marry your best friend.

The Nelsons - who both aptly shared the same last name before they even got married - had one of the most special weddings I've had the joy of being a part of.

On a sweltering 100 degree day in Hanlontown, Iowa, at the beautiful Winan Creek Barn, the Nelsons started their day off with a bang by reading personal letters written to each other, getting the tears and nerves knocked out the way pretty early on. Unbeknownst to him, Taylor's friends were all watching him read Sarah's letter, resulting in a hilarious moment of realization.

Their first look was intimate and heartwarming. They stood back to back, holding hands for few moments, before turning around and seeing each other for the first time. The look on Taylor's face for the next few moments even almost brought me to tears! While editing their video, I noticed something peculiar on Sarah's microphone. There was a strange, consistent beating pattern when they hugged that I had never seen before. After doing some investigating and editing, it turned out that when they hugged, her microphone was perfectly placed on his chest, so it could actually hear his heartbeat. Have a look for yourself here.

Their ceremony was unbelievably picturesque, mixing nature with modern. While the threat of rain loomed, they took advantage of the sunshine that remained to share their affirmations of love. There were some tear-jerking moments, as well as some authentic moments that made everyone giggle. Finishing the ceremony with a favorite song to walk down the aisle to, it really was a perfect celebration.

Things got really fun as they sun went down and the rains descended. Taylor and Sarah are both big dancers, and they - and their friends, impressively - did not disappoint on the dance floor! It was nearly impossible to take your eyes off them during their first dance, and not much easier during the open dances as they spun the night away.

It really was an incredible day, and another one of those days that makes me so grateful to be able to have this job and share these days with such incredible people. Congrats to Taylor and Sarah Nelson!

Photographer: Sarah Rolling Photography

Venue: Winan Creek Barn

Dress: Weddings By Design

Makeup: Luna Artistry

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